My weekly fitness routine consists of workouts with my wellness coach Rosalia Chann. I absolutely love her! We have worked together for over three years now and she has seen me through both pregnancies. Our sessions are not purely based on physical fitness but involve a lot of mind body work to set intentions and inspire continued healthy habits.
— Brittany Peltz, Founder of Leah and Rae

Training with Rosie was such an amazing and unique experience! Our workouts were built upon each other to create a workout routine that my body could slowly adjust to. This created a routine that I loved and looked forward to because it feed my body what it needed instead of over working it. The sessions were a holistic approach to training which consisted of a mind, body, soul approach. I left our sessions not only feeling that my body was energized but that my mind and state of being also felt renewed. I’m so appreciative of her! Thank you Rosie!!’
— Jourdana Phillips, Fashion Model

Rosalia has not only helped me with my physical body, but with myself. She’s helped me open up my eyes and transition between careers and relationships. She is a natural born leader with a genuine care for others well being. Rosalia made sure that I felt prepared to enter a new career, holding a management position. She bought out my inner leader, creativity and true desires to help me succeed.
— Marissa Siewert, ModelFit

Rosie brings balance to all that she does and the work I’ve done with her. It’s never just mind, body or soul; her work connects them all to bring out a better you. Her light and happiness makes it impossible to not to shine as well. Her passion is infectious!
— Haley Olmstead, Student

I met with Rosalia and had a few questions about my personal life and my business.

She assured me someone I just met is interested and that we would be working together soon, a few hours later the person messaged to see if I was available because his calendar opened up for the next day.

I also asked about my business and she removed some blocks to abundance. That night an existing client bought another package.

I feel at peace and am trusting the process. Rosalia helped me to see where I am blocking things and that all the power is within me, not outside of me.

I would definitely recommend seeking out her help if you feel stuck or want clarity.
— Jackie Simek, Mind Shift Coach

Rosalia was a pivotal part my transformation from burnout to breakthrough. Through a series of in person and online sessions she helped me to get grounded and deep into recovery and make an amazing shift from surviving to thriving.

She helped to create a self care routine custom tailored to suit my personality blueprint and enhance my potential. Every session exceeded my expectation while she assisted me to shift and rise to new heights of what is possible in my personal and professional life. I have never felt stronger or more confident.

Her methods are very real, grounded and produce results in real time. I’m so grateful that I have the chance to work with such an amazing woman. It’s truly magical!

— Christopher Osvai, Architectural Consulting + Design

Rosalia is a breath of fresh air! As a trainer she has the perfect combination of knowledge and expertise in what she does coupled with a positive energy. That’s hard to come by in the health/exercise industry. I look forward to all of my training sessions with her since I know I will be getting an effective and challenging workout that is also so much fun!
— Dara Godfrey, Nutritionist

Chann’s ability to teach others the way of the wholesome and healthy comes from her own experience with developing a wellness routine that works for her.
— Biba,
When I sat down with Rosie, I was completely awestruck by our session. I couldn’t believe her insight into my life, her ability to reassure me that I am well on my way both personally and professionally. She received messages from my deceased grandparents, which left me in tears. And most of all, she was able to take inventory of all of the information she gleaned and give me tangible ideas to think about and consider as I move forward and into my life. Rosie is the real deal, harnessing her unique superpower and using it for the greater good.

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