'Rosalia is a breath of fresh air! As a trainer she has the perfect combination of knowledge and expertise in what she does coupled with a positive energy. That’s hard to come by in the health/exercise industry. I look forward to all of my training sessions with her since I know I will be getting an effective and challenging workout that is also so much fun!' - Dara Godfrey

'If I weren't training with you, I wouldn't have had the courage or energy to have switched career industries and change my life.' - Pamela Siegel

'She's focused, brimming with enthusiasm, and the source of some of the most effective training moves we've ever tried.' - Bikini.com

'Rosie brings balance to all that she does and the work I've done with her. It's never just mind, body or soul; her work connects them all to bring out a better you. Her light and happiness makes it impossible to not to shine as well. Her passion is infectious!' - Haley Olmstead