My mission is to help people efficiently and effectively bridge the gap between the unknown of old and new worlds; connecting the mind, body and spirit


Recognizing and Understanding your Power as you Connect with your Deeper Self. 

With a focused single or multiple sessions, we'll channel where you are in the moment to guide you to which path you want to move forward with self-awareness, self-confidence and power. It's important to recognize where you are receiving and giving power so you can build a sustainable foundation to live a more grounded life.

    Guiding you through Life Transitions

    Life transitions are often difficult to manage and navigate when you are caught right in the middle. I believe and have experienced success in: 

    • Creating an alliance relationship and safe platform
    • Discovering true values and goals
    • Designing an individualized plan 
    • Taking action in addressing challenges and opportunities 
    • Connecting into the truth to let go and get to a place of clarity
    • Coaching the whole person

    Creating Life Balance through Fitness and Holistic Self Care

    • Designing an individual plan

    • Learning how to listen and take action to take care of deeper needs as they arise

    • Discovering true values, goals and finding a place of clarity

    • Embracing change and creative solutions


    A Bird's Eye View

    With curiosity, we have the experience of exploring, uncovering, digging around, considering, reflecting. Seeing from a "birds eye view” allows me to guide and empower my clients to listen to their own inner-wisdom and to find the answers that already lie within. This is the learning that leads to sustainable change and growth and allows one to become the best version of themselves.



    Rosalia has not only helped me with my physical body, but with myself. She’s helped me open up my eyes and transition between careers and relationships. She is a natural born leader with a genuine care for others well being. Rosalia made sure that I felt prepared to enter a new career, holding a management position. She bought out my inner leader, creativity and true desires to help me succeed.
    — Marissa Siewert, modelFIT Manager

    Let's talk about which coaching options are right for you.